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The Street Metisse was the first producation bike in the world to use Hydraulic disc brakes,although most were sold in kit form. Considered the finest handling bikes of their time the a Triumph engined Metisse was Ago Agostini's chosen road bike!

Team Metisse's TridentThis is Horst Edlers Trident Metisse, he brought it over form Germany and won many trophies!         This chassis was produced by pat French who purchased the original jigs from the Rickman brothers when they finished production and is a very accurate replica of the original.

Metisse at rallyThis Triumph engined Metisse pictured at Bosworth is actually one of thousands built for the police by the Rickman brothers. They are easy to spot, despite the fact that they are the same supreme frames as the street metisse as they had a painted finish rather than the Nickel plated finish usually associated with a Rickman frame kit.

Friends fromBelgiumAnother Triumph Metisse, this one ridden from Belgium for our Rally.

920 WestlakeIan Abrahams’s 920 Weslake Metisse. Ian’s bike was originally bought new as a Rickman Enfield, but after he had worn the Enfield engine out, the awesome Weslake lump complete with 8 valve head and Puma barrels and grafted in.  As Britney Spears says "not so innocent!" apparently it has a tendency to leak oil and vibrate, but who cares when it sounds like Boanerges! *

zundappIan’s other Rickman is a far cry from the Weslake- it’s a much modified Micrometisse, 125 Zundapp. This is one of the bikes that won the Rickman brothers their Queen’s Award for Export, although you will be lucky to see one in this country as most went to the States.

The above two photographs were supplied by the bikes owner, Mr Abrahams

linkAll the frame kits featured on this page are still available!

* I have no idea what Boanerges is. Its not in my dictionary, so their you go, the owner insisted I used this word to describe the noise. I think it is a public schoolboy word meaning F'kin  loud!