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The Harris F1 frame kit is a pretty loose name for Harris framed bikes that were used for F1 racing, most built before the magnum road kits. Most F1 kits can be recognized straight away thanks to the extra suspension linkage on top of the swing arm that compresses the shock from the top as well as the rocker linkage at the bottom.

F1This F1 bike used an engine that was originally used by the Suzuki factory team and had magnesium casings!                 It was like most early Harris road bikes, a race bike fitted with lights!                      Pictured at Market Bosworth

Harris F1 KawasakiCustomized F1 Kit that used a Z1 engine, again pictured at Bosworth                   featured in Streetfighters magazine

Harris F1 SuzukiStunning early Harris F1 with rising rate suspension that used a GS1000 engine

Honda CB900 F1This rare machine is one of two CB900 F1 kits built. They received rave reviews when tested my Motorcycle Weekly for their handling- but then have you ever ridden a standard CB900!