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The Harris Magnum was Harris's reaction to owners of the F1 frame kits and the endurance kits putting them on the road. The Magnum 1 was basically the endurance kit with bodywork and lights and called a magnum.

the Magnum 2 was the same bike with bodywork designed by "Target" who also designed the Suzuki Katana. Later mk2 kits had proper subframes with the battery box mounted in the frame instead of in the fiberglass seat.

The Magnum 3 was Harris's first attempt at a real road bike. Many thought it a little understated in the styling department and they sold less than 50 worldwide.

In answer to this the Magnum 4 was produced with styling borrowed from the successfull Mk2 and suspension borrowed from the superior handling Mk3.

Last in line was the Mk5, but by the time the Mk5 was produced the Japs had such fine handling machines that their was really no reason apart from styling to produce such a kit. Harris have not produced a frame kit for some time.

The original Streetfighter!This is a very rare beast indeed. Most Magnums are heavily customized by their owners. This is one of only a few Mk1's left as the brothers intended. pictured at the Specials rally on the rally run.

Magnum 750 turboThis Mk1/2 Magnum was a regular to Bosworth owned by club stalwart John Warrington. He modified his to fit a Gpz 750 Turbo engine- pictured here in Streetfighters magazine.

Z1 Mk2Roy Rommalwrath's fantastic modified Mk1 Magnum. Fitted with a Z1 engine, Roys cleaver modifications made this a practical and fun special.