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The Rickman CR was produced by the Rickman brothers throughout the 70's. The CR kit was a real answer to the evil handling Japanese bikes of the time, enabling owners to capitalize on the performance and reliability of the Japanese engines and the superb handling of the Rickman chassis, that was based on the earlier Street metisse frames.

Rickman CRDespite being a kit built bike (although they would build you a complete one to order) CR's like this are, unlike other kit bikes, often considered classic machines and a good one like this can still command 3K.           This Z1 engined example is pictured at the Belgium Specials rally

Rickman CR HondaThe first CR was for the Honda CB750. This magnificently restored CR is pictured at Bosworth, and looks like it has just come out of the New Milton  factory.

CB750 CR...and another one, this time when the rally was held near Reading

Rickman CR-EThis is a CR-E. Last of the CR's to be built (along with the Predator CR) This was Rickmans attempt to build a touring bike. Despite its bulbous looks the CR-E kept the same basic chassis as the old CR and handled similarly to the much rated Ducati 900SS of the time!             This is Mick Foulds CR-E at Bosworth.

rickman Predatur...and finally the Rickman Predator, built for the Suzuki GS1000 and Honda DOHC fours, although cant say I've even seen a Honda Predator!

linkRickman frame kits are still produced-in Oxfordshire!