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The SSMCC now has its own club site too!

Go to any major show and among the entries there will always be a handfull of hand crafted Specials on display. Even one of these machines attract a crowd wherever they go.

So imagine a field filled with them. their was only one event in the UK like this and it has been going since 1988....

Specials rallyThe first Specials rally was 
put on jointly by the Harris
& Rickman owners clubs in
1989, getting their
inspiration from the Albatross
club of Antwerp, Belgium,
held a rally for owners of
specials every year.
The event is intended as a
chance for owners &
builders of specials from
all over the UK to get
together every year. As it
happens word spread quickly
and the rally attracted
visitors from as far a field
as Germany, Holland, Belgium
and even two regulars on
Bakker framed 1500cc
Suzuki's from Alto above the
Arctic circle in Norway.
The formula proved so
successfull that the Harris
& Rickman clubs eventually
combined to form a club for
all specials owners & builder-
The Street Specials MCC

"Unfortunately the club no longer hold an annual specials rally, but hopefully this site will act as a great way to re live the memorys of what has been and who knows maybee one day give some one the encouragment to hold such an event once more!"  - K Fothergill

 All is not completely lost, however as the club do hold a camping weekend for fans home home brews, for details.....

This site is also very annoying to update, while my Facebook is easy to use, so i have added a couplle of public albums to with specials and this rally to my Facebook.

Harris OC and SSMCC years 1988- 1999The SSMCC

Specials Rally 2003

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